Our Commitment to Animals In Need

In five years, we have helped over 500 animals. By supporting our work, you help rescue abandoned animals, provide them the necessary medical care (vaccination, spay/neuter, treatment for medical emergencies, etc.), allow for physical and emotional rehabilitation, and find them forever homes.

As a participant in the Shelter Animals Count, Live Love Animal Rescue is proud to report our statistics which tell us where we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. The Asilomar form presents a detailed look at our dog statistics in a comparable form to other animal welfare organizations across the country. In addition, we have included the ASPCA Live Release Rate and Save rate. Learn more about what we have been able to accomplish by clicking the links below to download our statistics in PDF format.

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The ASPCA Live Release Rate is defined as all live releases divided by all live intakes. This counts dogs that have been adopted, returned to their owners, transferred to another facility, etc. This does not account for animals that are still in foster care. During the year the save rate will fluctuate as we take in new dogs and others are adopted. The save rate can be especially low when the rescue is full and many dogs are still in foster care.

The Save rate is reported as all intakes minus dogs that have died in care or euthanasia divided by intakes.This accounts for all animals that have been euthanized or have died in care. We take in some very vulnerable and sick dogs and puppies, including street rescues and medical cases from the shelter, and always have several Forever Foster (hospice) pups. Some dogs in our care do pass away or are humanely euthanized with extensive veterinary advice to end suffering due to incurable disease such as metastatic, end stage cancer. All these pups are loved and spoiled in a foster home.